During his two rehearsals and performances with the [Spring Hill Orchestra] his musical and technical mastery of the Rachmaninoff was profound. From a conductor’s perspective his timing and interpretation were immensely precise and moving. He obliged our audience with an encore by Villa-Lobos, which was also flawlessly executed from memory…It was clear that everything he presented throughout the weekend was given a great deal of thought and attention. He was an absolute delight to work with. I believe Dr. Kingma is a gem among the world of pianists…He is a musician with unlimited dedication and capability on the cusp of a remarkable career.” – Rebecca Vendemo, Music Director, Spring Hill Orchestra

“Mr. Kingma has one of the most beautiful sounds, or as the French say: touché, that I have ever encountered in my career. His sound is rich and encompassing, yet delicate and refined. His technique is completely flawless and his person on stage was dignified and charismatic at the same time. His musical expression is intense and tasteful.” – Lucia Matos, Music Director, Illinois Valley Symphony

“Joseph Kingma is a terrific musician and pianist. His playing is flawless and expressive. He fits my ideal for a pianist — one whose technical abilities don’t get in the way of his exquisite music-making.” – Jim Villani, Music Director, Manassas Symphony Orchestra

“Mr. Kingma’s playing exemplified everything that a recital performance should be: thrilling virtuosity and eloquent lyricism. He was able to communicate all the passion and dramatic power of the music, but never at the expense of clarity and beauty of tone.” — Sean McCarthy, DMA, Arts Alive! Concert Series

“Joseph Kingma performed on the Sunday Classical Concert Series in the Fall of 2015 at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. His performance was spell binding. He performed with gorgeous lyricism on J.S. Bach’s French Suite No. 5 and with thrilling technical fireworks on Rachmaninoff ‘s Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 36 (1913 Version). The audience jumped to their feet after the last note and Mr. Kingma provided an encore.” – Ed Clifford, Grand Rapids Art Museum Sunday Classical Concert Series

“Mr. Kingma demonstrated mastery of the Chopin [Piano Concerto No. 1] through his poetic and electrifying performance.” – David Anavitarte, Music Director, Brazos Chamber Orchestra